Water Resources

NKU Center for Applied Ecology

In 2006, the NKU Center for Applied Ecology approached Cardinal for design and surveying assistance for the restoration of Joe’s Lake and Creek located in the City of Wilder, Kentucky.

Sherwood Lake Condominiums

Otte Enterprises, Cardinal Engineering, and Thelen Associates were contracted by the Sanitation District No. 1 (CIP No. S-578-04) in late 2012 to conduct a Drainage Basin Study for the large lake that serves the Sherwood Condominium complex.

Sanitary Sewerage Design Experience

Cardinal Engineering has extensive experience in the design and rehabilitation of sanitary sewer collectors, interceptors and combined sewer systems. We are also skilled in using trenchless technologies to rehab pipelines.

Water Distribution Projects

Cardinal Engineering is evolving in the face of continuing challenges to protect water quality, provide adequate quantities of water for competing uses, and protect habitat and other natural resources.