Our professional surveyors routinely assist our clients by determining where their property lines or boundaries exist, preparing necessary title surveys (ALTA/ACSM surveys) for real estate transactions, and mapping the topography of the land for engineering design, layout buildings, utility pipelines and structures, streets, and subdivisions. In addition, we provide layout control for aerial photography and photogrammetry, write required legal descriptions that are used to describe parcels of property, and prepare large and small lot divisions for recording.

Our professional surveyors also provide the client with other needed land surveying services so that construction companies can correlate engineering and architecture plans to the real world, verify that buildings and other structures are constructed according to design, building elevations can be determined for flood insurance, and horizontal and vertical control networks can be established such that projects in a given area can relate to each other.

To help the overall surveying process be timely and cost effective, we have party chiefs and field surveyors that field measure, map, unmanned aerial vehicles and observe. They utilize the latest technology, such as GPS, total stations, and robotic total stations to provide our clients with the information that they require in an accurate and timely manner. Our party chiefs are also in charge of coordinating the project with our in-house surveying coordinator, who then relays the information to the client, contractor, and/or our engineers. If the project is under construction, our party chief typically will receive instructions from the contractor or our office as to what is required, and develop a plan on how to accomplish it in timely manner.

Surveying Services

  • Boundary & cadastral surveys (ROW, ALTA / ACSM Land Title)
  • Route & alignment surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Differential GPS (DGPS) Control Network Surveys
  • Monitoring projects for structural movement
  • Construction and cross-section surveys
  • Utility location surveys
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Drainage surveys
  • Surveys under hazardous environmental conditions
  • Expert witness
  • Ground control surveys for mapping projects, including airborne GPS
  • Dimensional Control
  • Surveying and Mapping Energy Services
  • 3D Grid Mapping with unmanned aerial veicles