Granite Springs

Blending seamlessly into the natural setting of the land, Granite Spring is a Planned Unit Development incorporating attached and detached single-family housing on 150 acres of undeveloped land. The development includes 212 single family dwellings, 335 attached condominium units, bike and walking paths, open space areas, and a community center.

Cardinal prepared a comprehensive study that included onsite and offsite watershed areas. For the drainage analysis, the 320-acre watershed was broken down into 7 pre-development and 10 post-development drainage areas and was analyzed for existing and proposed conditions using the SCS methodology. The proposed grading within the 96-acre development area leaves the majority of the hillsides untouched and generally preserves the north-south drainage pattern. Two detention ponds and a large retention lake were completed to reduce existing peak runoff rates from defined discharge points and to compensate for those drainage areas, which do not pass through the ponds and lake. Cardinal provided complete design services for the Granite Spring development, including grading, storm water pollution prevention (erosion control), roadways, water distribution, sanitary sewerage, storm drainage, and permitting. Cardinal worked closely with the developer, Grand Communities/ Fischer Development, to ensure that the project met their stringent standards.