Straddling the cities of Covington and Taylor Mill at Holds Branch Road and Madison Pike in Kenton County, Kentucky, this new 225 acre, planned unit development is projected to consist of 704 condominium units and 102 single family units. Tuscany is a well-planned community providing a broad range of residential living, which will be revealed in its five distinct residential neighborhoods. Each neighborhood within Tuscany was designed to express individual character and flair. The picturesque setting of tree-lined boulevards, beautiful landscapes and authentic Tuscan architectural elements bring the true Italian experience to life here in Kentucky. When completed, beautiful landscapes and gently rolling hillsides will make this one of the most beautiful and unique communities in Northern Kentucky.

The watershed for this area is considered sensitive due to frequent flooding of Banklick Creek, a blue-line stream that parallels LLL Highway. Hence, cardinal prepared a comprehensive study that included onsite and offsite watershed areas. For the drainage analysis, the 1,614-acre watershed was broken down into 22 pre-development and 28 post-development drainage areas. Pre- and post-development peak flows were evaluated at the five common points where runoff exits the development area into the Holds Branch Creek, a blue-line stream that leads to Banklick Creek. Pre- and post-development peak flows were also evaluated at the two other common points where runoff exits the development area into the drainage systems that ultimately lead to Banklick Creek. Five (5) above-ground dry detention basins were designed in order reduce existing runoff rates from the site. Cardinal provided complete design services for the Tuscany development, including grading, storm water pollution prevention (erosion control), roadways, water distribution, sanitary sewerage, storm drainage, and permitting. Cardinal worked closely with the developer, BF Development Associates, LLC to ensure that the project met their stringent standards.