Rookwood Exchange

Located on 13 acres in Norwood, Ohio, Rookwood Exchange is to be a mix of retail, restaurants, entertainment, office, hotel, residential, and parking that will allow the development and community to have a sense of place and opportunities for outdoor dining, vendors, and meeting places. The development has:

  • 140,000 sq. ft. of Class A+ office space;
  • 28,500 sq. ft. of efficient office space;
  • 2 upscale sit-down dining establishments;
  • 2 Hotels with at least 100 rooms and hospitality amenities;
  • A 100-150 unit residential mid- to high-rise building;
  • 750-space five level parking garage;
  • Open spaces including streetscapes, softscapes, and hardscapes.

Our engineers are providing complete civil and surveying design services for the project, including grading, storm water pollution prevention (erosion control), roadways, water distribution, sanitary sewerage, and storm drainage. We are working closely with the developer to ensure that the project meets their stringent standards.