Manhattan Harbour

In 2005, developers began preparation to develop a large mixed-use project that would encompass the entire riverside of the Dayton Floodwall and existing marina. The developers plan to construct a high-tech community with 2,000 homes with 450,000 square feet of commercial space. The first phase of the project will concentrate on the marina area, which will include restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and some residential units. The remaining portion of the Manhattan Harbor plan is to

construct a “high-tech community” called a ubiquitous city. This project is to have technology imbedded into everyday items, such as having residents use smart-phones to pay for services or goods. Other public amenities such as security lighting, cameras, trash cans and traffic controls would have cutting-edge technology. Currently under construction is approximately 8,100 lineal foot of 110- and 84-inch diameter piping for a CSO facility that was a condition of the Sanitation District No. 1’s approval for the development. In addition, contractors have already begun transporting some of the dirt needed to raise the riverbank 14 to 16 feet so the development is out of the flood plain.