Our engineers and surveyors have provided Civil Engineering and/or Surveying services to TMK IPSCO over the past several years, including the following projects:

  • Gravity Sanitary Sewer Extension;
  • Storm Sewer Diffuser at the Licking River;
  • Storm Sewer Design adjacent to 16” Mill;
  • Slitter Building (Site Plan and Storm Sewer Design, LOMR-F elevation determination, Lease Agreement Surveying Documents);
  • Main Plant Drive Modifications
  • Security Guard House (Site Plan, Gravity Sewer extension ~ Required Special Permission from the local Sewer Utility to attach the service to the adjoining properties service without installing a new mainline);
  • Old Hearth Building As-Builts
  • Threader Building & Pipe Storage Yard (Site Plan, Storm Sewer Design, Sanitary Sewer Extension, Pipe Storage Yard Layout, Light Pole Layout);
  • Accumulator Building Addition (Site Plan , Storm Sewer Design, Surveying Layout);
  • Preparing Record Drawings and/or Surveys
  • Arsenic Fill Documentation (Fill Plans, Flood Plain Determination, Easement Documents for identified areas, Soil pile locations and quantity determinations);

Also, for the COATING PLANT site we have performed the following preliminary work:

  • Topographic Survey
  • Preliminary site design (Grading analysis, Utilities schematic sketch & analysis, Wetlands Consultation support, Existing Sewer investigations for possible lines under the existing railroad, Preliminary discussions with the City of Wilder about the zoning process);