Construction Administration

One of the most critical aspects of a project is Construction Administration by the design professional. This service helps the Owner/Developer have some assurance that the project is being constructed properly and allows for the opportunity to refine and improve the design even further as field conditions dictate. Failing to ensure that a site is being constructed properly can result in the Owner/Developer being subject to fines, construction delays, increased costs, negative publicity, and legal action. We can provide construction administration services for every project for which we are involved. Our professionals are involved in the project and available as necessary for construction administration. Services that we typically provide include:

  • Administer Pre-Bid Meetings
  • Evaluate Bids
  • Evaluate Contractor Qualifications
  • Administer Pre-Construction Meetings
  • Review Shop Drawings
  • Freeway On / Off Ramp Plans
  • Construction Monitoring on a Regular Basis
  • Responding to Requests for Information (RFI’s)
  • Reviewing/Responding to Change Order Requests
  • Preparing Record Drawings and/or Surveys
  • Compiling and reviewing Operation and Maintenance Manuals

CARDINAL utilizes computerized software to ensure timely responses to RFI’s and log submittals.